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Nestled in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado, Simbeck and Associates has called Mancos home since 1993. With close access to some of the most dramatic peaks in the Rocky Mountains as well as the unmatched beauty of the desert southwest, there's no better place for a company devoted to keeping the environment and natural resources safe for future generations.

Our founders started selling and working with fabricators in the 1970's: today the second generation of Simbecks manage 22 employees who travel the West and build on our 3 plus decades of experience at projects large and small.

JOHN "DUFF" SIMBECK: Vice President/Personnel/Contracts Administrator

A Graduate of Harvard University and with decades of experience in the field of geosynthetics, Duff not only leads the team at Simbeck and Associates, but also lends his expertise to improving awareness and advancements in the geosynthetics industry. As an active board member of FGI Duff works with some of the best and brightest in the industry to improve installation standards and education for all installers.

BRENDAN SIMBECK: Estimator/Project Manager/QC Manager/Certified Welder

With over a decade of field experience and a degree in Manufacturing Technology, Brendan is able to apply his technical skills and passion for process development to many of the areas of operation at Simbeck and Associates. From estimating to welding and QC Training, CAD design and project management, Brendan pursues continual improvement at all stages to ensure project success.