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Simbeck and Associates is fully equipped with seaming and testing equipment for installation on three separate projects at a given time. Our management team offers proven experience in business: 35 years specifically in geomembrane liners. We are certified by the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI) and employ Certified Welding Technicians.

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A typical installation involves material we order or fabricate and ship to the site, either accordion-folded on pallets (flexible liner) or roll goods (HDPE/LLDPE, GCL, Geotextile, etc.). Our installation technicians and laborers deploy panels or rolls into place. Seaming equipment is then used to assemble the liner. On-site testing equipment assures field seam integrity according to the engineer's specifications. Simbeck can provide Q/C technicians to monitor and document every aspect of liner installation from material delivery inspection to as-built drawings.




Quality Control

Flexible Geomembrane Fabrication

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Additional Services

In addition to our flexible liner panel fabrication, Simbeck and Associates also has the in-house capabilities for fabricating baffle curtains, floating covers, and a variety of other products for containment applications.

Floating Covers

Floating Covers can provide a variety of benefits when installed on wastewater lagoons and reservoirs including preventing evaporation/UV penetration, odor/contaminant control, and defense against cold weather

Baffle Curtains

Floating baffle curtains in wastewater lagoons affect the flow patterns of the water, guiding it through a serpentine route rather than straight from the inlet to the outlet. This improves the aeration and allows solids to settle to the bottom for easier removal