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HDPE - High Density Polyethylene

Due to its low cost and proven performance, HDPE geomembrane liners have gained in popularity for use in large applications such as landfills, industrial wastewater, mining operations, and concrete tanks. HDPE is UV, ozone, and chemical resistant making it ideal for exposed applications.
Rapidly changing regulations in both solid waste containment and coal combustion residuals (CCR) have accelerated the use of this already versatile material.

LLDPE - Linear Low Density Polyethylene

LLDPE is a suitable alternative when added flexibility is required. Higher elongation properties result in a more pliable material allowing LLDPE to be used in applications where conforming to a subgrade is ideal. LLDPE can also be prefabricated into custom sized panels for faster field installation.
HDPE and LLDPE liners are available in a variety of textures, colors, and thicknesses ranging from 30 to 120 mils.


  • Wastewater treatment lagoons
  • Animal waste ponds
  • Concrete tanks
  • Landfill lining
  • Heap leach pads


  • Skaps
  • Solmax International
  • Agru America


Installing HDPE and LLDPE requires certified welding technicians equipped with specialized equipment to assist in deploying material and welding. Single rolls are deployed and each seam is welded using a wedge welder which fuses the overlapping layers together.

HDPE & LLDPE Installation Guidelines